The Open Book is rentable for 28 pounds (about $37) a night.

“I remember thinking to myself, I can’t be the only person who would love to run a bookshop by the sea,” [Jessica] Fox told me. The store was an almost instant success. For many visitors, running the shop is the fulfillment of a lifelong fantasy.

— Dwight Garner “A Critic Sells Books Down by the Seashore” The New York Times



Children seem to think every pleasant thing has to be a surprise.

Gilead: A Novel Marilynne Robinson


Regular latte (30RMB)
Meh. It does the job, but not enough to warrant the major investment.
Pairs well with Corporate tax evasion (several million RMB).

Time Out Beijing


For me, however, the belief in the meaning of making dollars crumbled; the proposition that the more money you earn, the better the life you are leading was refuted by too much hard evidence to the contrary. And without that belief, I lost the need to make huge sums of money. The funny thing is that I was largely unaware how heavily influenced I was by the money belief until it had vanished.

— Michael Lewis Liar’s Poker


Some days, on a crosstown bus or a stalled train or a jam-packed platform, with your nose pressed into a stranger’s sweat-beaded neck and the appointed hour of your business lunch, your second date, your big job interview long past, it can feel like the system is in a death spiral.

Train delays now occur roughly seventy thousand times a month, up from twenty-eight thousand in 2012. The system’s on-time rate, already among the nation’s worst, fell to fifty-eight per cent in January, down from ninety a decade ago.

— William Finnegan “Can Andy Byford Save the Subways?” The New Yorker