While working sixteen-hour days at the factory, Yan stayed up nights to write his own novel, a four-hundred-page manuscript about the Cultural Revolution, which his mother later used for kindling.

–Jiayang Fan “Yan Lianke’s Forbidden Satires of China” The New Yorker



For consumers who are willing to do their research, though, this can be a golden age of deals. We can get our “Avengers: Infinity War” tickets and pecan-crusted salmon meal kits, reaping the benefits of artificially cheap goods and services while investors soak up the losses. The current crop of money-losing companies may not survive forever, but as long as someone is willing to keep funding these types of gambles, there’s no reason to stop enjoying the fruits of their optimism.

— Kevin Roose “The Entire Economy Is MoviePass Now. Enjoy It While You Can.” The New York Times


If all that you have and that you are — your brains, your energy, your savvy and street smarts, your special talents, adaptability, quickness of foot, aggressiveness — is the whole source and reason for the results you get, then you are the complete answer to what you do, and you do not need God, except in a general and non-specific way.

But if you absolutely, positively — no way out of it, over it, under it, past it, or around it — live your way into situations in which you must have the direct intervention of the Lord — actions from heaven — then you will bring the hand of God into your affairs with visible effect — as only those who live by faith and must have His responsive co-participation most fully do.

You will be the human end of a dynamic, living partnership between a person of finite resources and recurring, sometimes achingly urgent, needs, and a God of infinite resourcefulness and readiness to help you, as you serve Him in the secular news media.

–John McCandlish Phillips “Faith in the Daily News Chase”