Last chance



But what should worry Twitter isn’t the value of its stock. (USA Today reported that, given its cash reserves, the service could run for another four hundred and twelve years with current losses.) What should worry Twitter is irrelevance, and there is growing data to suggest that that is where the company is headed.

– Joshua Topolsky ‘The end of Twitter‘ The New Yorker


‘Liverpool on steroids’

After the party, walking through the icy plaza, Paul Parker, the Magical Mystery Tour guide, and his wife admired the Metropolitan Opera House, which they’d never seen before. “Ah, we were trying to work out what that one was!” Parker said.

“It’s a lovely city,” his wife said.

“I never understood why John Lennon left Liverpool and settled in New York,” Parker said. “But when I came to New York for the first time, I saw: it’s just Liverpool on steroids. If you look at the photo of the original home at Strawberry Field”—the Salvation Army children’s home whose grounds Lennon played on as a child—“the top has exactly the same shape as the top of the Dakota. It’s spooky.”

-Sarah Larson ‘Our hearts went boom: The Beatles in New York‘ The New Yorker