What’s wrong with values? I don’t quite … I have a lot of arguments talking to other people. The reason you have values is you have to make decisions about things and you have to make choices and you have to piss people off and make statements of values. What is that intent, that values are such a problem that they don’t want to state them — which they have, by the way?

— Kara Swisher “Full video and transcript: Spotify CEO Daniel Ek at Code 2018” Recode



My client loved risk. Risk, I had learned, was a commodity in itself. Risk could be canned and sold like tomatoes. Different investors place different prices on risk. If you are able, as it were, to buy risk from one investor cheaply and sell it to another investor dearly, you can make money without taking any risk yourself. And this is what we did.

— Michael Lewis Liar’s Poker


Though we have nothing to plead or to prevail with God from within ourselves, there is an intercessor in God’s own bosom — his own goodness. This will certainly and effectually intercede for our relief

–Thomas Lye Puritan Sermons 1659-1689; I:376-378


How has using technology to report for The Times changed for you over the years?

When I started at The Times, nothing was online. To research a story, you started by going to the “morgue,” a large room where people cut out old stories and placed them in row after row of file drawers, grouped by subject.

The files weren’t just Times articles. They often included pieces from The New Yorker, Life, Esquire, New York and elsewhere.

— Steve Lohr “Now He Pulls Data Off the Web. In 1979, It Was Clips From the ‘Morgue.’” The New York Times