‘it suited’

That was in private. In public, post-war French statesmen and politicians insisted upon their country’s claim to recognition as a member of the victorious Allied coalition, a world power to be accorded equal standing with her peers. This illustration could be sustained, in some degree, because it suited the other powers to pretend it was so.

-Tony Judt Postwar


we have

Many of us served in the war, many died. We have written for Germany, we have died for Germany. We have spilled our blood for Germany in two ways: the blood that runs in our veins, and the blood with which we write. We have sung Germany, the real Germany! And that is why today we are being burned by Germany!

-Joseph Roth What I Saw: Reports from Berlin 1920-1933


Was it a challenge to tackle subject matter so close to your heart?

I think that when one makes a movie, he makes a movie and that’s it. He is not involved directly in the issue, even when the issue touches him personally. When I write, I think about the writing. When I shoot, I think about the shooting, and when I edit, I think about the editing. This is my job and I don’t allow myself to get involved with the issue, even though it’s very painful. This is what I think, but maybe I’m mistaken. Maybe it is inevitable to be emotionally involved.

-Mekado Murphy ‘Five questions for Nanni Moretti‘ The New York Times


​What rules in this universe is interests. Sometimes they are individual, at others collective, but interests are what are at stake. What is missing is identity.

Jonathan Sacks


One overdue appointment was to go out to New Jersey to see friends who had undertaken the Herculean task of having two kids. Two! It seemed like they had had the first one five seconds ago. Time, for us, wasn’t going by quickly, necessarily. It’s just that as adults we weren’t subject to the same calendar events that people with kids are. We didn’t notice back-to-school sales, snow days or summer-camp enrollments. Disregarding the months, New York City has two seasons, really. For us, the weather got cold and then it got warmer, and the subway sucked on the weekends, year in and year out.

Jersey is not even an hour away but it is a different world. I remember that we were thoroughly charmed by the house that our Jersey friends lived in.

-Ed Lin ‘Fartherhood‘ Angry Asian Man