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Most emanated from Ms Caruana Galizia’s blog, Running Commentary, launched in 2008 when she felt her twice-weekly columns in a local daily did not give her the space or freedom she needed. With the moral authority of the once-mighty Maltese Catholic church fast evaporating, says Manuel Delia, a fellow-blogger and former PN government official, Ms Caruana Galizia acquired an influence few journalists achieve: “Daphene was the last ethical voice left. She was the only person speaking about right and wrong.”

That made her uniquely vulnerable. Even before starting her blog, her home had been the target of an arson attack. But except at election time, it had not been under police guard since 2010.

The Economist



“Jules and Jim” is one of those rare films that knows how fast audiences can think, and how emotions contain their own explanations. It’s about three people who could not concede that their moment of perfect happiness was over, and pursued it into dark and sad places.

— Roger Ebert “Jules and Jim

New York is a place where people are at once completely open and ready to engage and full of love for humanity and also somewhat hasty and transactional and ready to reduce every human to a series of positive and negative traits, financial potential, raw talent, and social capital. And people in NYC value social skills to an almost paralyzing extent. If you’re a little awkward, that’s cute, but if you say too much and second-guess yourself and go overboard in one way or another, you’re quickly treated as some kind of a strange human carnival ride that’s not worth taking seriously.

–Heather Havrilesky


Up to one billion francs’s worth of 1970s-era bank notes are nearing their cutoff date, when they will unceremoniously make the switch from reserve currency to antique wallpaper as their value is wiped out unless the Swiss government intervenes.

Switzerland is unique among rich countries because its bank notes—from the 10-franc bill all the way to the mighty 1,000-franc bill ($1,025)—lose all of their value 20 years after they are replaced by new ones. The series from the 1970s was replaced in 2000, so their value vanishes in 2020. Franc coins are always usable.

–Brian Blackstone “Switzerland’s Old-Money Problem: One Billion in Expiring Francs” The Wall Street Journal

looking in

I, on the other hand, sometimes wonder if I should have gone to Washington. I didn’t go myself. The lead reporter on a winning campaign typically goes to Washington as a White House Correspondent. But I took myself out of consideration for the job. I still like being an outsider and, in my opinion, the most durable journalism is done by outsiders looking in.

— Katy Tur Unbelievable: My Front-Row Seat to the Craziest Campaign in American History 


The record trading volume on Oct. 19 overwhelmed many systems. On the NYSE, for example, trade executions were reported more than an hour late, which reportedly caused confusion among traders. Investors did not know whether limit orders had been executed or whether new limits needed to be set (Brady Report 1988, Study III, p. 21).

–Mark Carlson “A Brief History of the 1987 Stock Market Crash with a Discussion of the Federal Reserve Response” Federal Reserve


Yet from Rossellini, Truffaut learned the most essential thing — the filming of life.

— Antoine de Baecque, Serge Toubiana (translated by Catherine Temerson) Truffaut: A Biography


Anxious kids certainly existed before Instagram, but many of the parents I spoke to worried that their kids’ digital habits — round-the-clock responding to texts, posting to social media, obsessively following the filtered exploits of peers — were partly to blame for their children’s struggles. To my surprise, anxious teenagers tended to agree. At Mountain Valley, I listened as a college student went on a philosophical rant about his generation’s relationship to social media. “I don’t think we realize how much it’s affecting our moods and personalities,” he said. “Social media is a tool, but it’s become this thing that we can’t live without but that’s making us crazy.”

–Benoit Denizet-Lewis “Why Are More American Teenagers Than Ever Suffering From Severe Anxiety?” The New York Times Magazine