I never ended up meeting Corey, but his name was the way in. I began asking if Corey was around, and word traveled fast. Within a few minutes, one ticket seller hurried past me, almost jogging, and called out, “I’m Corey Lashley.” (He was joking.)

-Joseph Goldstein ‘Tickets to Visit Lady Liberty: Eking Out a Living‘ The New York Times



What has been missing from the American response is the indispensable ingredient of understanding. It is a failure to see the Great Ascent as it is, and not as we imagine it to be.

-Robert L. Heilbroner The Great Ascent


The problem of productivity

Once we start to look for resemblances in the various areas of the underdeveloped world, one common handicap springs to sight immediately. It is the fact that human labor in all of these nations is so pitifully unproductive — that a day’s toil, often far more back-breaking than the equivalent day’s work in the West, produces so heartbreakingly little.

-Robert L. Heilbroner The Great Ascent

more complicated

With the lack of occasion and the freedom from any but financial restraint, today the social signals clothes send seem more numerous, more capricious, more interchangeable, more fluid and permeable, more complicated and ambiguous.

-Bruce Boyer ‘Dress up‘ First Things


That ruling followed demands for shorter emails and reports. Officials complained Mr Romer cut off staff he thought were droning on in meetings and cancelled the bank’s Global Monitoring Report after he could not determine its purpose, according to someone close to the bank.

“Some say that I didn’t convey the criticism in the right way,” Mr Romer told the Financial Times. But “when it is a message that people do not want to hear, there is no right way”.

-Shawn Donnan ‘World Bank economist suffers for his attack on turgid writing‘ Financial Times


The biggest time waster is shuffling things from one pile to another while you drown in a sea of indecision.

-Kenneth Roman, Joel Raphaelson Writing that Works


When artists arrive in Göttingen, Steidl is often not quite ready to give them his attention, and so they must while away entire days in a library four floors above the company printing press, which runs non-stop, seven days a week. Steidl does not want artists straying into town, or dawdling at a restaurant or a bar where he cannot find them. “He is like a monk,” Robert Polidori, whose work Steidl has published since 2001, says. “He is not a priest—he is there to work, but he doesn’t perform miracles, or sacraments. He delivers.”

-Rebecca Mead ‘Gerhard Steidl is making books an art form‘ The New Yorker