“Jules and Jim” is one of those rare films that knows how fast audiences can think, and how emotions contain their own explanations. It’s about three people who could not concede that their moment of perfect happiness was over, and pursued it into dark and sad places.

— Roger Ebert “Jules and Jim

New York is a place where people are at once completely open and ready to engage and full of love for humanity and also somewhat hasty and transactional and ready to reduce every human to a series of positive and negative traits, financial potential, raw talent, and social capital. And people in NYC value social skills to an almost paralyzing extent. If you’re a little awkward, that’s cute, but if you say too much and second-guess yourself and go overboard in one way or another, you’re quickly treated as some kind of a strange human carnival ride that’s not worth taking seriously.

–Heather Havrilesky


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