last thing

Soon Mr. Sokoli was hitting races every weekend and some weekdays, bolting from the city after 10 hours at work. Two months into his skiing career, he returned home late from a race and sat with his wife at the cramped kitchen table. “How serious is this?” she asked.

“I’m taking this to the Olympics,” Mr. Sokoli replied.

He jotted down his estimate of how much he would have to spend: $17,000. “This is the point where people turn and say, ‘Forget it,’ and give up on their dreams,” Mr. Sokoli said.

Mrs. Sokoli reached for the paper. “The last thing I want for you,” she told her husband, “is to be 80 years old, sitting on the couch watching the Winter Olympics and wondering if I could have made it.”

–Michael M. Phillips ‘A 36-Year-Old Building Super Dreams of Skiing in the Olympics—He Just Might‘ The Wall Street Journal


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