But the truth is, the world has always been and always will be on the brink of destruction. And what keeps it from actually imploding is our love for life and our deep- seeded desire not to die. Our love for our own life is inextricably connected to our love of all life and the miracle of this phenomenon we call “the world.”

— Andrew W.K.

[One NYC Councilman said] So much goes wrong in so many ways, in so many lives, I don’t have a heart big enough for it all.

There’s only one place where there’s an aggregate of human suffering, and that’s in the heart of God. And you know what God does? he takes that and breaks that into manageable sized portions and distributes some of it to you, some of it to me. And I ask you today, have you asked God what is that portion that he wants you to carry?

You cannot bear the weight of a whole nation. But you can … bear the weight of some portion of it. Please do your part.

–Ravi Zacharias




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