You do not hear “win-win” much lately. One of the loudest political messages of the past year, across the entire ideological spectrum, has been that all promises of balance and mutual gain are actually humiliating traps, set by exploitative people still snickering in secret over how easily you fell for the last one.

Part of what makes the modern use of “winning” so strange is that it’s often used in contexts that are not competitions.

-Nitsuh Abebe ‘Tired of ‘Winning’? You Should Be‘ The New York Times Magazine

There are no little people and no big people in the true spiritual sense, but only consecrated and unconsecrated people.

Nowhere more than in America are Christians caught in the twentieth-century syndrome of size. Size will show success. If I am consecrated, there will necessarily be large quantities of people, dollars, etc. This is not so. Not only does God not say that size and spiritual power go together, but He even reverses this (especially in the teaching of Jesus) and tells us to be deliberately careful not to choose a place too big for us.

-Francis Schaeffer ‘No Little People, No Little Places’ No Little People


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