It would be a shame if the film were to be seen only by those already interested in French cinema. Anyone with an eye for grace, industry, resilience, rich shadows, and strong cigarettes should go along. Like the kid on that terrace in Lyon, you see the light.

–Anthony Lane ‘“Baby Driver” and “My Journey Through French Cinema”‘ The New Yorker

Mr. Tavernier turned movie love into criticism but, like all good critics, he never fell out of love. It’s delightful to share in that passion and a pleasure too that he’s more interested in ideas and emotions than stories and plots. If you don’t know the films he talks about, you may not grasp what they’re about; it doesn’t matter. He also doesn’t identify everyone onscreen, mostly, I think, because he really wants you to watch and listen and, anyway, you can read their names in the credits. I suggest you sit through them with paper and pen so you can write down the title of every movie you’ve already seen (you’ll want to watch them again) and every title you’ve never heard of (because worlds await).

–Manohla Dargis ‘Review: Those Movies, Himself — Bertrand Tavernier’s Tour of French Cinema‘ The New York Times


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