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Had around 100,000 votes in the Midwest swung the other way, the two most powerful women in the world would be meeting next week. Instead, German chancellor Angela Merkel heads to Washington on Tuesday to meet her polar opposite: a president who is as reckless as she is cautious, as illiberal as she is liberal, as militarist as she is diplomatic. President Trump’s meeting with Chancellor Merkel will be his first with a world leader who has made no attempt to hide her disdain for him. While UK prime minister Theresa May clutched Trump’s hand and begged for a trade deal, Merkel greeted his election with a reminder of the country’s shared values – values, she seemed to suggest, that she wasn’t entirely sure Trump adhered to. The big question is whether Trump and Merkel will keep their mutual distaste hidden behind diplomatic niceties.

Hostile receptionMonocle Minute

Hofstadter argued that this overwhelming complexity produced feelings of helplessness and anger among a citizenry that knew itself to be increasingly at the mercy of more sophisticated elites.

Experts … don’t know everything, and they’re not always right, but they constitute an authoritative minority whose views on a topic are more likely to be right than those of the public at large.

-Tom Nichols ‘How America Lost Faith in Expertise And Why That’s a Giant Problem’ Foreign Affairs



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