Beauty itself is not necessarily problematic. The problem is that humans are not good at recognizing true beauty when they see it. In a fallen world, even our perception of beauty has been corrupted by sin.

In our fallen state we often separate the good, the true, and the beautiful from one another. But the Bible reminds us that if something is true then it is good and beautiful. If something is good, then it is beautiful and true. Finally, if something is beautiful, then it is good and true.

-Albert Mohler ‘Will beauty save the world?

The other thing I’ve learned over time is that humility is an incredibly overlooked but important character trait. When I’m hiring, it’s the one thing I’m looking for. Confidence is great, but arrogance is really deadly, and there’s a fine line there.

I love people who are confident enough to say, “I didn’t understand that” or “I was wrong.” The sooner you can do that, the sooner we can pivot and go on the right track. There are some people who pretend they know what they’re doing and they think they need to fake it. It’s such a waste of energy and productivity.

-Adam Grant ‘Jodi Goldstein of Harvard Innovation Labs: Humility Is the Mother of Invention‘ The New York Times


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