big data?

TV gave Trump far too much free time. It went overboard on Clinton’s emails. And while there were those who disbelieved Trump’s bombast would propel him to victory, there were those (like Fox News) who appeared to be Trump campaign arms, certainly among show hosts like star prime time hosts Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly, as well as its cheerleading morning fixture, “Fox & Friends.

One more thing about the press.

They were obsessed with the candidates this year to the frequent exclusion of understanding the country.

Yes, fine, commit to cover “fairly” a man probably most in the press think is unfit for the job.

But also spend a few bucks to both cover and understand the country — rather than just rely on Big Data survey consultants.

-James Warren ‘Journalists, stop beating yourselves up over Election Day‘ Poynter 


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