For many people today, the commitment to a partner in marriage is a choice for the moment, ‘as long as love lasts ‘ or ‘until I find a better offer.’ What began as Friedrich Hegel’s philosophy of dialectic history and then was developed in Marx’s teaching is now widely accepted. In this view every moment of history has its own justification and there is no lasting meaning to words, promises, and value choices. Instead of long term commitments based on enduring distinctions between right and wrong, decisions are now largely made on the spur of the moment in response to changing situations and variable personal taste.

The antithesis of ‘either—or’ has been replaced by the embrace of ‘both-and.’ Critical analysis has been abandoned in favor of an encompassing synthesis. What once had a stable definition is now understood to be continuously emerging. The formerly unthinkable becomes first thinkable and then also doable, as if all of life were on a slide, passing through and abolishing former opposites so that what was once considered life can be cruelly violated by death.

-Udo Middelmann God and Man at Work


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