He finds, as we all do perhaps, that the pace of life is faster today than it was a generation ago. Estates are “no longer family-transferred like before” and maintained lovingly with a deference to history and patrimony, but sold to new owners who have a different take on how things should be, and a garden’s lifespan is growing shorter. Whereas once a gardener planted with the hope that in a half-century his work would be complete — slender saplings aging into great oaks, small shrubs into immense hedges — now a gardener may only have a few years. It is an artistry whereby the artist rarely sees his vision fully realized.

-Dana Thomas ‘Gardens by France’s most revered landscape designer‘ The New York Times Style Magazine

I am able to be in the room when a decision is made. I am on the scene when a story is being covered. And I am one more voice in the room asking questions. A lot of people talk, write, and even preach about ‘converting Hollywood’ or ‘bringing morals back to television.’

And you know what? Most of the people who have written on this topic have never spent a day working in either industry. They suggest boycotts and campaigns, but I don’t think that approach always works. I think sometimes God uses us most effectively when we are involved in the day-to-day operations–when we get coffee with a colleague, work late at night on a story, or write a script with a coworker. Take a seat at the table where your voice can be heard. Organizational change is most effective coming from the inside, rather than the outside looking in.

-Megan Alexander Faith in the Spotlight


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