For collectors, however, the more coveted edition of “Teens of Denial” is the recalled original. After hearing about the recall, Steve Gray, a photographer in Bangor, Maine, went online on the album’s release date and searched the inventory of a regional chain of brick-and-mortar record stores called Bull Moose. He hit the Bangor location just after the doors opened at 9 a.m. and found a single copy of the LP, for $26 plus tax.

Later, he poked through the shrink wrap just enough to verify that both LPs were inside. He posted a picture of his score in a forum on the Vinyl Me, Please site, where a handful of other members claimed to have received copies of the recalled record shipped by

To protect his find, Mr. Gray doesn’t plan to play it on the turntable he got for his birthday a couple of years ago. Instead, he’s been streaming “Teens of Denial” on Spotify.

-John Jurgensen ‘Why a Record Label Crushed a Batch of Vinyl Records‘ The Wall Street Journal


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