It’s a crisis, I’m telling you. And nobody’s immune. Nobody lies on their deathbed and says, I wish I had never watched sports. They lie on their deathbed and say: It may kill me, but I think the Knicks are on at 7:30 p.m. Where’s the remote?

But every once in a while—years and decades, really—you get a game like Monday night’s NCAA men’s basketball championship between Villanova and North Carolina. Did you stay up and see that ending? I hope so. If you didn’t, by now you have had at least 100 people come up to you and ask if you saw the ending. If you didn’t, they look at you like you vacationed in Italy and forgot to eat food. It’s brutal. They look at you like a fool.

Don’t give me any nonsense that you DVR’d it and watched the final shot in the morning and it was really exciting. It’s. Not. The. Same.

-Jason Gay ‘Villanova’s Game-Winner: Why We Watch Sports‘ The Wall Street Journal


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