‘shock waves’

Luxo Jr. sent shock waves through the entire industry — to all corners of computer and traditional animation.

At that time, most traditional artists were afraid of the computer. They did not realize that the computer was merely a different tool in the artist’s kit but instead perceived it as a type of automation that might endanger their jobs.

Luckily, this attitude change dramatically in the early ’80s with the use of personal computers in the home. The release of our Luxo Jr. … reinforced this opinion turnaround within the professional community.

– Edwin Catmull Computer Animation: A Whole New World (1998)

I don’t like a culture where you have to have a meeting after the meeting to discuss what happened in the meeting.

-Dottie Mattison: Talk Less, but Ask ‘Why’ More The New York Times ‘Corner Office” with Adam Bryant


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