‘They have their own chef’

The men and women of the circus all say that only circus people like them can understand the lifestyle. Adrielle, who rides a motorcycle in the Globe of Steel, is a fifth-generation circus performer from Brazil. Some of the Chinese acrobats have been doing trapeze work since they were 4. (They have their own chef, a condition of their contracts.) Milcidas Jimenez, who sells cotton candy, has been with the circus for 28 years. His 19-year-old daughter also sells food, and his wife does face-painting. His two little ones, who are 4 and 5, are in the nursery school.

The circus workers shared stories with Sinclair about their children being born on the road. Sandor Eke, who is the boss clown, almost missed the birth of his son, now 14 months. Sandor himself was born into the circus in Hungary. He says that his son will be ‘‘a dentist, a lawyer, a professional athlete, a millionaire.’’ But of course he’s joking; about his son, he said, ‘‘He’s already starting to juggle.’’ That’s what happens when you’re born into the circus.

-Taffy Brodesser-Akner ‘Running away with the circus‘ The New York Times Magazine


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