‘The whole world turning with me’

Maybe (my brother’s) improbably survival was what gave me courage, or maybe it was the Robert Cormier I was reading — his young heroes were always asking themselves, “Do I dare disturb the universe?” before ultimately deciding that yes, they did dare. Whatever it was, one day I found myself fleeing from a sighting of the brothers, and suddenly I was brought up short by an appalling vision: me running away forever.

I forced myself to stop. I forced myself to turn towards them, and it felt as if the whole world was turning with me. I couldn’t make myself walk toward them, I could barely even look at them, so I settled for standing still. As the brothers approached, the ground started tilting out from under me. One of them scowled.

And then, without a word, they walked past.

– Junot Díaz ‘Fear’ The New York Times Magazine


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