Economies of rudeness

Nobody pretends to be friends with anybody else, and as a result, nobody wastes anybody’s time. This kind of bluntness, the comfort with unpasteruized feedback, the instant retort — these variables are embedded in a stereotype of New York that is fading into inaccuracy, ceding ground (literally) to muffled passive aggression.

People rarely make an economic case for the ‘rude’ New York, perhaps because there isn’t one, but the rudeness is one of the joys of living here. We don’t think being mouthy is a terminal disease. We feel it, we say it, we move on. Farmer in the Deli is a space where people feel comfortable being as loud as they want, knowing nothing will come of it — except, perhaps, a chopped-salad sandwich.

– Sasha Frere-Jones ‘Letter of Recommendation: Farmer in the Deli‘ The New York Times Magazine


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