Beyond superficial

Fashion is one of the oldest tools for communication, it expresses so much. On the other hand, trends can be bought and they’re mostly all about surface. You can be a trendy guy, but at the same time be very conservative. Of course, fashion can also be superficial.

– Frank Lottermann in ‘Cities & Stories’ by Freunde von Freunden for Mango

There is access to the dinner itself. There is access to the parties that surround the dinner. There is access to the celebrities and power players who show up at the dinner. But access is the god that failed, with terrible consequences that no one in Washington journalism can reckon with. Instead, they party the pain away. And that is one thing tonight is “about.”

– Jay Rosen ‘On the deep grammar of the White House Correspondents Association Dinner‘ PressThink

Whereas the typical American cruiser’s ambitions peak at stress-testing the all-you-can-eat buffet, Chinese travelers see cruises as an opportunity for self-improvement. “Chinese guests want to explore,” said Cherry Wang, country director for Princess Cruises in China. “They want to raise their level of life.” That may mean seeing new places, learning new skills, or improving their economic situation.

– Christopher Beam ‘The People’s Republic of Cruiseland‘ Bloomberg Businessweek


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