Representing unpopular clients has a long and proud tradition in American justice, one that experts in legal ethics say is central to the adversarial system.

– Adam Liptak ‘The case against gay marriage: top law firms won’t touch it‘ The New York Times

Witnessing the behavior of a man or woman with no time for privacy only makes his or her inner life more fascinating.

– Francesca Mari ‘The assistant economy‘ Dissent Magazine

By all accounts, the Khans enveloped their children in a tight and loving cocoon. Other parents would remark on the manners and obedience of the Khan kids, who got good grades, volunteered at the mosque religious school, day care and summer camp, and were relentlessly polite and helpful. Religion played a central role in their lives, and they made an effort to pray five times a day. But they were also regular American kids who grew up on a steady diet of cartoons, Marvel superhero comics and young-adult fiction…

– Janet Reitman ‘Teenage jihad: inside the world of American kids seduced by ISIS‘ Rolling Stone


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