No apologies

But have you ever had to call somebody on the phone, somebody you wanted to get rid of, only you end up doing nothing but getting yourself in more deeply? Now that’s something about life that interests me. That’s incalculability, if on a small scale—how we cope with contingency in ourselves but try still to accept responsibility for our acts.

– Robert Ford, interview with Bonnie Lyons Paris Review

We tend to think of apologizing as a sign of weakness, but, Halvorson argues, in certain cases, it’s just as likely that it’s a signal of trustworthiness. In other words: If you want something from someone today, tell them you’re sorry about the weather.

– Melissa Dahl ‘Why you should apologize for the rain today‘ New York Magazine

Find a can of half-empty beer you forgot to finish last night? It could make a decent furniture polish. Put a little flat beer on a soft cloth and then rub it into your wooden coffee table.

– Emily Price ‘10 things you didn’t know you could do with beer’  Popular Mechanics


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