30 minutes a day for five years = 900 hours

4. Time stewardship

What could you accomplish with a gift of 900 hours? Save just 30 minutes of wasted time a day, and that’s what you’ll have in five years.

– Lolly Daskal, President and CEO, Lead From Within ‘Start Today: 20 Habits That Will Help You Be Your Best in 2020‘ Inc

Mr. Gladwell told Mr. Lynton, based on a conversation with a New Yorker editor who is married to an N.Y.U. professor and member of the presidential search committee, that “the crucial thing is helping them see you as the nurturer and protector of creative types NOT the corporate empire builder, which they have all had enough of with sexton.”

– Kate Taylor ‘Named Next President of N.Y.U., Oxford’s Leader Inherits Challenges From John Sexton‘ The New York Times


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