Fixing things

How can you get rid of a guy who makes a mistake, stops it, and fixes it?

‘And we gave them a one-hundred-and-twenty-year head start,’ said Ronan, playing a little loose with history. Someone had given Ronan a $300 bottle of Champagne. He’d told Schwall that it had cost only a hundred bucks because Schwall didn’t want anyone inside IEX accepting gifts of more than a hundred bucks from anyone outside of it. Now Ronan fished the contraband from under his desk and found some paper cups.

Flash Boys

Mr. Malik tried to fake his own death, the SEC said, sending an email to one investor from a nonexistent employee named Courtney that read ‘Mr. Malik has been passed away with the heart attack after accident. We will dissolve the fund shortly.’

– Jean Eaglesham Wall Street Journal


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