It’s great having lots of likes and lots of followers, but you have to wonder what are they worth if suddenly Twitter started to charge every month, if Facebook started to charge. They are free media, and I don’t think it sort of means a lot, to be honest. If you’re then promiscuous enough to jump to the next channel, how loyal are you as a consumer of brands?

We don’t think it’s that important to say that we’ve got millions of viewers on our site. If there are millions of viewers but no revenue stream around it, it’s not interesting. We want to create and craft an environment where we’re not getting into a discussion about cost per thousands. It’s the cost of a quality audience. That’s what we want our advertising partners to take.

– Tyler Brûlé, interview with Joseph Lichterman ‘How Tyler Brûlé has extended Monocle beyond simply a magazine for the jet set‘ NiemanLab

“I didn’t see the face of a man who would kill or rape — he boasted that he had killed ‘dozens’ of infidels — and those first few seconds were unforgettable,” (Anna Erelle) said. “He was staring at me and when I looked back into his eyes I saw nothing, no religion, no feeling. He is not a good man.”

“He’s a braggart, he’s very full of himself, but he is also a man capable of real cruelty. At first I wanted to feel something for him because I like to think there is always something good in humans . . . but there is nothing human in him.”

Erelle was sharing and checking everything he told her with contacts in Syria and the French security services. “Like all liars, sometimes he forgot what he’d said and then tell a different story so I had to check everything, but the more horrible stories he told me, about battles and killings, they were all true.”

“You can see how a girl like Melodie would be mesmerized,” said Erelle. “She feels like a nobody and all of a sudden here is this man of 38, nearly twice her age, who has had all these incredible adventures, who is kind to her and telling her he loves her and wanting to talk to her 1,000 times a day.”

– Anna Erelle to Margarette Driscoll ‘My ISIS boyfriend: A reporter’s undercover life with a terrorist‘ New York Post


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