Believe in yourself


I get a lot of emails from entrepreneurs or people thinking about being entrepreneurs and many of them share their idea with me and ask me if it is good. I tell them all the same thing.

It doesn’t matter if I think it is good. It matters if they think it’s good, because they are investing their time in it.

And you have to believe in yourself and your idea or nobody else ever will.

I often do share my views on the idea but only after walking them through that because I never want someone telling me they wasted five years of their life on something because I told them it was a good idea.

– Fred Wilson ‘Is this a good startup idea?

I hated tipping…. This time I had a $10 bill in my pocket, which I put on the counter after I paid, sort of casually and by-the-way, full of shame, because I was treating her as a servant.

Then I realized he must have taken my silence personally. He must have thought I didn’t find it worth my time talking to him.

I wrote back and asked him if he’d seen any Bergman movies? No one talks there either. And Finland was even worse; there, no one ever said anything to each other. I wrote that I’m always like this, that I never say anything to people I don’t know, even when they’re having dinner at our house. He never answered.


“It’s deeply un-American, you know, not to make small talk. It’s a very important part of the culture of this country. You remind me a little of my dad. He didn’t know how to make small talk, either, when he first got here. Or maybe he didn’t want to. But he does now.”

– Karl Ove Knausgaard ‘My Saga, Part 1: Karl Ove Knausgaard travels through North America‘ The New York Times


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